Episode 5 - Wahoo - Island Time!

In this episode Clarke's headed to Rarotonga in search of his target species, the Wahoo.

Situated between Tahiti and Tonga, Rarotonga is an extinct volcano rising 4000m out of the sea.

It's an Island oasis acting as a natural fish attractant for big pelagic species, and it’s especially renowned for the fastest striking fish in the ocean - big pelagic Wahoo.

Here Clarke sets about attempting to catch one on rod and reel before getting into the blue tropical water to see if he can get one on spear as well.

Along the way we meet plenty of friendly locals, including a lady who has dedicated her entire life to studying the Humpback Whales that visit each year.
We also meet a local chef with a ‘Pan Fried Wahoo with Prawn & Chili Salsa and Vanilla Coconut Sauce’ dish he’s really keen to show us how to make.


Rarotonga, Cook Islands, South Pacific

To find the fastest striking fish in the sea

Mike Fosbender

The Nautilus

Pan fried Wahoo with prawn and chilli salsa & vanilla coconut sauce. Get recipe here!