Solomon Islands

FISH OF THE DAY spent a lot of time looking at where to go and where to stay when we visited the Solomon Islands.


There are still areas of the islands where traditional village life still exists. We visited with the Moro people on Guadalcanal, but there are plenty of other opportunities to visit unique culture. You can even head over to Savo Island to find out how they use the active volcano to cook their food: and you can see a resident pod of Spinner Dolphins on the way.


The fishing in the Solomons is outstanding. While there is an abundance of pelagics like Tuna, Wahoo and Mahimahi seasonally (May to November), the real magic for us was the poppa fishing on the reef edges. We chose to fish with Zipolo Habu Resort and also the team from Fat Boys Resort in Gizo. Both provided an excellent service and are extremely knowledgeable guides.
It is the diving that was the single most outstanding element of our trip to the Solomons. In particular the WWII wrecks that litter the seafloor right throughout the island chain. Two dive operations were stand out for us – one in Munda and another in Gizo, although there are a number of other operators that we were recommended to dive with but simply ran out of time. Just tell us what you want to see and we will package it up.

Where to Stay

We spent a little time and both ends of our trip in Honiara – your entry and exit point in the islands. Here we stayed at the Heritage Park and recommend it. Further north we stayed at Agnes Lodge in Munda where our dive operators were based – simple and well priced. Zipolo Habu Resort is a stunning spot and also home to some of the best fishing there is. Further north we recommend Gizo’s Fatboys Resort. There are other more upmarket resorts available depending on your requirements and budget.

Must Do's

  • Vilu Outdoor War Museum, Guadalcanal Skull Island – home to the skulls taken by the Gizo headhunter tribe.
  • The Peter Joseph War Museum, Munda – proprietor Barney is awesome.
  • Kennedy Island, Gizo – where JFK swam ashore after the sinking of PT-109.
  • Local markets in Munda and Gizo.