Fresh White fleshed fish

Several Lime (Bush Limes)

1 fresh Coconut

1 Tomato

Fresh Chilli

1 Capsicum

2 Onion



Fillet the fish removing bones, and cut down into small bite sized cubes. Put these cubes into a bowl and squeeze lime juice over the top until soaked.

Let this cook in the lime juice for 2-5minutes, you’ll notice the juice cooking the edge of the fish cubes. Then drain any excess lime juice.

Husk and crack a fresh coconut in half, carefully collecting the fresh coconut juice as it pours out into a bowl. Take each half of the coconut and grind out the flesh inside, take this coconut pulp and strain through the coconut tree’s bark from the branches of the tree. Ok so you probably can also use a thin cloth for this, but I’m trying to keep the recipe authentic here!

Cut the tomatoes in quarters, then remove the pulp and softer centre, leaving only the tougher outer skin and flesh. Cut this skin down into smaller pieces and add to the fish along with the strained coconut cream.

Slice up the capsicum, onion and chilli and add for colour and taste.

Add a sprinkle of salt,.

Let stand for a while, then serve….. again if you have one of those modern refrigerator things, then by all means chill down first before serving and enjoy~!