Location: Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

Mission: Catch Kahawai on Fly

"A wolf in sheep's clothing" People are finally waking up to the exciting qualities of the humble Kahawai, a schooling pelagic fish renowned for its strength and aerial acrobatics on light tackle. Incredibly exciting and equal parts frustrating to target on Salt Water Fly, Clarke is shown how to do it by local Waiheke guide and expert Matt Von Sturmer.

The team then head out to Channel Island where they encounter some of the largest schools of fish they have ever encountered as Clarke sets about his task of spearing some Kahawai for Chef Anthony McNamara.

Anthony is the chef at the incredible The Oyster Inn Restaurant. He has cooked for the likes of UK Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown but now he's cooking for us - an incredible fresh Kahawai Taco dish not to be missed.