Location: Niue Island, South Pacific

Mission: Catch a Mahi Mahi out of season

Clarke's on the island of Niue in the South Pacific. However arriving late in the season catching his target Mahi-Mahi is proving much harder than first thought adding a heap of extra pressure as he struggles to find a fish to deliver to BJ the chef. 

He's already caught a giant Blue Marlin, then it's one wahoo after another. Clarke even catches a Yellowfin Tuna, but still the Mahi Mahi prove elusive. 

Finally, Clarke gets a different strike and gets his first Mahi Mahi to the boat. Now it's time to get in the water and try his hand with the spear. Success as he lands a giant bull Mahi Mahi and delivers it to chef BJ.

The resulting dish using the Coconut crab caught in episode two combined with the fresh Mahi Mahi is worth the wait.